Greenlandic translations

Cute business customer service woman smilingGreenlandic is spoken by about 57,000 people throughout the world and is the official language of Greenland. It belongs to the Eskimo-Aleut family of languages and is spoken mainly by the native Greenlandic people, or Greenlandic Inuits, since it is an official language of Greenland. There are three different dialects: Tunumiit (East Greenlandic), Inuktun (Polar Eskimo) and Kalaallisut (West Greenlandic), but Greenlandic is also spoken by some Danes, since Greenland is part of the Kingdom of Denmark. Therefore, a Greenlandic Translators’ office should be in a position to offer Greenlandic technical translations in other dialects as well as the main dialect, Kalaallisut. Greenlandic technical translations include translations from the technological, economic and medical sectors, but naturally, our Greenlandic translators will also translate anything you need, such as emigration documents, for example. Our Greenlandic translators can translate all the documents you need – exit documents, application papers, references, etc. – to start a new life in a different country. A Greenlandic translation office is available to assist with any questions about the foreign country and language. Most Greenlandic translators are native speakers, since the language’s idiosyncrasies make it difficult to learn, and therefore have special knowledge about the island of Greenland. Globale Kommunikation offers Greenlandic translations meet the same high standards for professionalism and reliability as the many other language pairs we offer, since all the Greenlandic translators on our team are native speakers of Greenlandic. As a result, we are also able to offer Greenlandic technical translations in a variety of language pairs. Whether you need a translation from Greenlandic into English or Spanish into Greenlandic, our Greenlandic translation office offers a broad range of translations, since behind the Greenlandic translation office is a professional team of translators from all over the world.

Greenland – A destination for tourists and emigrants

Happy group of finger smileys with speech bubblesGreenland is an island, 2650 km long and 1200 km wide, that is located between the Atlantic and Arctic Oceans. It is the world’s largest and most densely populated island, although the population itself is rather small. Therefore, it is no wonder that the economy is not very highly developed. Naturally, the masses of ice on the island and its climate also play a part in this regard, since temperatures generally reach about 15 degrees during the summer months. As well as fishing, there is just one other main source of income: tourism. This is also one of the reasons behind the increasing demand for Greenlandic translators. A Greenlandic translation office is necessary, for example, to give tourists a better understanding of the country and its inhabitants or its impressive natural environment and culture. Retailers who wish to benefit from tourism must ensure that their products or services are available in various languages to allow tourists from all over the world to feel welcome. Globale Kommunikation offers Greenlandic translations for all aspects of life. Emigrants in particular do not stand much of a chance when dealing with state authorities and administrative offices if they have no Greenlandic skills. Greenlandic is the official language and therefore, immigrants must ensure they have the necessary references or immigration documents translated by a Greenlandic translator before arriving on the island. A Greenlandic translation office will not only assume the task of providing a professional translation, but will also ensure that the translated documents are certified and that there will soon be no more obstacles to stand in the way of your emigration plans.

The fascination of Greenland

Attractive business woman working on laptopGreenland is a fascinating country, both for tourists and for scientists and researchers from a wide range of fields. Greenlandic translations are also especially necessary in these sectors. Globale Kommunikation also offers Greenlandic translations in these specialised fields. Greenlandic technical translations of material about the species-rich flora and fauna of the country may be needed, for example. Many researchers come to Greenland to learn more about polar bears, Arctic wolves, musk ox or reindeer and how they are affected by climate change. In this context, marine mammals such as the humpback whale, the beluga whale or the killer whale also attract interest. Naturally, information is also required in these fields – information which to date has only been available to the native inhabitants in their own language- and therefore, there is a clear need for Greenlandic translation and Greenlandic technical translations. Indeed, these translations may reveal secrets overlooked by researchers who speak other languages. The word of birds, which attracts a large number of researchers and scientists to the island each year, also has some surprises in store. A Greenlandic translation office can translate information on how the temperatures are dealt with, eating habits or general living conditions into the desired language in advance, making it possible to start your research based on the latest knowledge. The world of plants is especially fascinating due to the fact that Greenland contains various climate zones, in which different plants can be found. Those travelling to the island purely because of the plant life should commission a Greenlandic translation office to translate important geological documents into their research language in advance. Specialised Greenlandic translations such as these are only possible if you can find a Greenlandic translator with the required professional background knowledge. Globale Kommunikation offers Greenlandic translations by experienced, professional translators who are familiar with the idiosyncrasies of the language, which does not simply consist of nouns and verbs.